Keeping Spybot Search & Destroy up to date

When the program starts left click on the Search for Updates button.

Either left click in each checkbox that appears in the Update list in the bottom pane, or right click on any one and pick “Select All” then left click Download Updates.

Next left click the “Immunize” icon in the left menu panel. If all known bad products are already blocked click “OK”. Otherwise left click the green plus sign that says “Immunize.

Wait for the immunization to finish. You might need to scroll the window up to see the progress bar.

Next left click Search & Destroy (top left icon) then left click “Check for Problems” to have the scan start.

Most everything that it finds is bad, so be sure each item is checked before left clicking on “Fix Selected Problems”.

Left click “Yes” on the pop up. Left click “OK” in the problem fixed popup, or if Spybot states that some problems could not be fixed, agree to running Spybot on the next startup.

Exit Spybot by left clicking the small x in the upper right corner.

If Spybot needs to run at next startup to fix a problem, now would be a good time to restart the computer by left clicking Start then shutdown then restart.

After Spybot finishes scanning during the restart, fix all problems and then close Spybot to access the computer again.