Keeping Ad-Aware up to date

When the program starts it will tell you how old your definitions are and ask you if you would like to check for updates. Left click “OK” then “Connect”, then “OK” if there are new updates then”Finish”. Otherwise after the program starts, left click the phrase “Check for updates now” on the right hand side above the “=> Start” button. Then left click the “=> Connect” button.If it tells you “No updated components available” then you are up to date. Click “OK”.

If it finds an update click “OK” to download and install the update. Next left click the word “Finish”.

If you're running Ad-Aware version 6 please update to Ad-AwareSE. Left click the icon that looks like a cog (second from the left). Then select “Scanning” and left click “Scan within archives”. Make sure that the red X's is changed to green check marks. Then left click the “Proceed” button at the bottom right. You only need to do this once, the program will remember these settings the next time you run it.

Left click the “=> Start” button, then left click “=> Next”.

When the scan completes, right click on any object in the window displaying the objects found and then left click on “Select All Objects” from the pop-up menu. This will put a check mark in all boxes.

Then left click “=> Next” and all the “bad things” will be removed from your system. There may be “bad things” loaded in memory that will require a reboot to remove. If Ad-Aware tells you this, be sure to select “Yes” and then reboot the computer ad soon as you can so that all the “bad things” are removed as quickly as possible.

If you are alerted by the update procedure that a newer version is available, please be sure to update your version of Ad-Aware.